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C3C is an integrated collaborative commute app. We want to make City happier. C3C app provides community based real time Car/bike pool, Cabpool , public transport and parking information. Traffic consumes about 1 hour of an average 'City'Zens work day in Indian Cities. Pollution claims 3.1 years of Life span of 'City'zens(ref). C3C aims to solve this huge chronic problem with a fresh approach. We observed that average occupancy of peak hour car In India is 1.7 persons , C3C aims to increase this average to 3 during busy hour. Our objective is to thereby reduce Traffic, pollution by 10%, commute time, effort and expense for 'City'Zens in India by 50% . At present, C3C app (beta), has about 2000 users. We need to scale to a million users over the next 6-9 months. C3C also aim to be a part of smart cities initiatives of GoI for sustainable Cities.
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Nougat Music player is the Free Music Player beautifully designed for your Android devices. Ad free feature makes it easier to navigate and enhance user experience. Salient features. - BEAUTIFUL USER INTERFACE - Powerful 5 band equalizer with 10 default presets - Theme selection option (Pokemon go theme and default theme) - Best sound quality - Inbuilt Sleep Timer - Set Ringtone from music player - Filter short clips for MP3 songs - Support all kinds of audio player, media player, and MP3 - Browse in 5 different ways in the app - Create playlist of mp3 songs - Share songs (Gaana) and music on Facebook - Edit tags within the MP3 Player - Notification control panel - Also available in Hindi, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and German Language Thank you very much for choosing Nougat Music Player. Now Listen Music in the ad-free music player.
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Firebase lets you build mobile & web apps in a fraction of the time it used to take. We're a platform consisting of 15 products including a Realtime Database, Analytics, Notifications, and more. See more details on our website: http://firebase.google.com/
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Bridge Call is the smartest and easiest free calling app that does not require users to launch an application.
Seoul 1 Jul 15, 2011

The application essentially helps the user accumulate miles and maximize cash back rewards by using location services and available credit card rewards.
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When real estate was booming in the early 2000s, I founded Maven to sell picks to gold miners (software to real estate investors). Dogfooded our software / method by investing in my local market of Bloomington, IN. Did not raise outside capital. Profitable. Divested before the crash, partly to found @isocket.
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TouchVPN is a VPN client for iOS and Android. Easy to use, one click to connecting VPN. Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited time. * Protect your privacy, keep you safe from 3rd party tracking * Unblock geographically restricted websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype, etc. * No speed limitation, no bandwidth limitation * One-click to connecting VPN * No root access needed * Encrypts your internet traffic * Top server speed & reliability * Using most secure VPN solution
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Dealo helps you to identify the offers and discounts from the nearby locality and can be bought from the nearby shop from your home , office or anywhere you prefer. We want dealo to be one stop destination for all the shopping needs of common man
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We just redesign the way people interact with money saving, giving full freedom to manage saving, motivating them to save and creating new ways for save. Using Coinch, users can customize all components of savings: name, amount, ending date and modify them when they want. Users set saving times (each week, two weeks, month) and receive reminders to achieve those times. If they want save with someone else (for vacations, a party, etc.), only have to create the saving account and share it with other users for a shared saving. Each time someone deposits money into the saving, all account members are notified. Users also receive saving tips to achieve their goals easily. We do everything the banks do to manage money saving, but because of users, we do it better. Who is our customer? Anyone who wants achive money saving goals.
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Drift Direct is a "Cutting Edge" Software/Mobile App, for judging the Drift Racing Championships around the world and for connecting/engaging with the fans by offering them a Social Media and E-commerce Store for the Drift and Modified car industry, all in one platform. The Championship organizers will have a powerful tool to run their judging system more efficiently and transparent. The judges will award their scores directly on mobile devices to an audience using the mobile App. Event sponsors will be able to engage easily with a targeted audience. The fans will have live insights on the judges decisions, will be able to engage, make comments, give them star ratings, watch telemetry data and share the content. The users will be able to present their projects, share their experiences, buy and sale parts, have access to potential sponsors, create groups, follow their favourite events, engage with their favourite drivers and more, for free.
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